The Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles Livingston is a very successful weight loss plan that has helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals. Watch the video below to learn more or visit the site here.
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Fat Loss Factor

My initial thought after a quick 2 minute review of the Fat Loss Factor site was that it may be some type of gimmick aimed more towards taking your money rather than helping you make healthy changes in your life.  But as I continued looking into the site and learning more about the program, I realized that my initial judgments were probably premature and faulty.  The site has a very clean and easy look, which I liked, but there were small features that made me think the program was a scam initially.  For instance, there is a main video that discusses the benefits and details of the program.  For some reason, they won’t let you start/stop/pause the video, you have to watch the entire way through.  Dr. Charles (the founder) also mentions that the video “may not remain posted for long”, which raised red flags to me as I’m uncertain as to why it would need to be removed.  Also, when you attempt to leave the site, a window pops up and prompts you to “STAY ON THIS PAGE!” if you want a special deal.  These signs all pointed to a scam in my mind, but I continued poking around and researching and found that the information on the site, along with customer reviews on AND off the site said otherwise.

Who is behind the Fat Loss Factor program? Dr. Charles Livingston is the founder of the Fat Loss Factor program.  He is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician, as well as a Certified Wellness Practitioner.  He also is certified in Advanced Nutrition and is a self-proclaimed fitness professional, speaker, and author.  He claims to have helped thousands of people worldwide with his program.  Before writing the Fat Loss Factor, Dr. Livingston wrote many articles as well as well as a series of books called Fat2Fit Weightloss Systems.

What will I find on the site? As previously stated, you will find a main video on the site’s homepage ( that will summarize the idea behind the program and what the program has to offer.  Watch this video all the way through to get the concept as well as pricing and refund information.  You can then sign up for a FREE copy of The Food Factor.  After you do so, you will receive an email with Lesson 1 of the diet.  The email explains that you will get a series of “bite sized” portioned emails over a 1 week time period about the Food Factor course that Dr. Livingston has written.  He also sends three free eBooks in this email that discuss harmful toxins, losing weight naturally, and tips from Doctors.  I found this information to be factual (to my knowledge) and beneficial. There is also a support center and an FAQ area on the site as well as numerous testimonials from the Fat Loss Factor’s supporters.

What is the idea behind the program? This program aims to help you lose weight and keep it off for the long term, not just be a quick, temporary fix.  You will learn how to lose weight and keep it off while still allowing yourself to eat the foods you love.  The diet is scientifically and historically based and you will see many examples of this in the informational video on the site.  For example, a portion of the video discusses how men were not born for fat storage, but rather for hunting food.  Women, on the other hand, were built for fat storage for child birth, milk production, and child rearing.  Therefore, women’s fat cells are larger and have more fat storing enzymes than their male counterparts.  The Fat Loss Factor also goes into great detail about our livers being most important to weight loss.  Dr. Livingston suggests that we must first clean out and purify our livers before we can start really being healthy individuals and losing weight.  

The four main steps to the Fat Loss Factor include:

1. Cleansing the liver.

2. Learning about specific fat burning foods you can eat so that you may still enjoy your favorite treats in moderation.

3. Increasing fat loss by staying on 15 minute exercise programs, three times a week.

4. Learning why other diets fail and why this one truly works.

The Fat Loss Factor program consists of two main phases.  The first phase is basically a two week long detox of the body.  By detoxifying the body, you will be ridding yourself of harmful toxins that force your body into storing fat.  Once you have removed the toxins from your body, weight loss will come much more quickly and easily.  Although extremely important, this phase seems to be the hardest for most people who begin the program.

Phase two is about ten weeks and covers more of what foods you should be eating and what exercises you should be following (side-note: both phases put great emphasis on water intake).  The program focuses on eating natural foods such as lean meats, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and fruits and encourages you to steer clear of processed foods, especially those containing High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Phase two also advises you to follow the principle of caloric shifting which can be described as strategically varying the amount of calories you eat each day as a way of “tricking” your metabolism.

Fat Loss Factor Pros: If you follow the program correctly and all the way through- you should lose weight quickly as well as build muscle through the exercises. Higher energy levels and strengthened immune systems are reported. Believes in quick and intense workouts- great for busy individuals that don’t have a lot of time on their hands to spend in a gym. Will also learn stress management techniques. Easy to read and understand eBooks and Videos. Great communication with the people behind the Fat Loss Factor, including Dr. Charles himself (he reportedly answers emails himself and in a timely manner). Money back guarantee (and you can keep the course) if you are unhappy with the product in any way.

Fat Loss Factor Cons: First phase can be extremely difficult for some, causing them to not follow through with the entire program and see results. Requires a commitment to staying on track and keeping up with the short but intense workouts. Many reviews said that in order to get the full benefit of the program, a gym membership would be necessary. Cost of foods can get expensive.

What does the program include? For the price of $47 you will receive: Entire fat loss factor system- guide to fast, permanent weight loss 60 meal recipe book Liver and Body Cleansing videos where you will get to watch the experts in the kitchen Access to the custom-made software program which will allow you to view restaurants and see which foods you should and shouldn’t be eating there Pre-created grocery lists Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced weight loss exercises Five sample 15 minute workout routines Fat Loss Factor measurements form to track your progress Goal Setting Guide giving you a road map to reach your goals Food Diary and Exercise log One full year of personal email coaching.  Dr. Livingston gives him email address and encourages participants to contact him at any time. FREE lifetime updates on the program

Final Thoughts? In this case, I don’t think my initial thoughts of the Fat Loss Factor being a scam rang true.  After researching the diet on and off of their site, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest this program to those looking for a long term fix to their weight and dieting issues.  The Pros of the program seem to heavily outweigh the Cons, and even if you aren’t satisfied after your purchase, you can receive your money back, guaranteed (while keeping the product)!